When it comes to achieving your financial goals, learning how to make a financial vision board can be very helpful. This is because when it comes to goals, the old adage is always applicable: “out of sight, out of mind”. But it goes beyond just writing your goals, you should consciously learn how to create a vision board for your finances.

A vision board is a collage of pictures and phrases that depict things you want to accomplish in your future. Basically, it is a visual representation of your hopes and dreams that serves the purpose of inspiring and motivating you to work towards achieving your goals.

Here are a few pointers to creating your own financial vision board:

  1. Write down your financial goals

Your financial goals will be the foundation for your vision board. These goals should be very clear so that you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and how you intend to accomplish it.

A clear description of your goal will make it easier to find a visual representation of what you are working towards achieving. So, it is important to have your goals clearly written down before you start working on your vision board.

  1. Gather supplies

Once you have listed your financial goals in writing, the next important thing is gathering supplies and you will most likely realize that you may have some of these supplies that you need laying around in your home.

Some of the items you will need are: pasteboard, old magazines, online images, glue or tacks, scissors etc.

  1. Find and cut out images that represent your financial goals

This is oftentimes the most fun part of the process. Here, you will have to go through the magazines you have compiled to find pictures that represent your goals. Look for bright, vibrant images of your dream house, car, clothes and whatever you desire to have.

You may also include money saving charts in your financial vision board. For instance, if you’re paying off debt you may want to include a debt payoff coloring chart that tracks your progress.

  1. Create your collage

Take a moment to reminisce about your childhood when you made collages in art class. You may call up your inner child so as to have fun while gluing your images to your pasteboard.

Creating your collage is almost like putting together a puzzle. You may also tell people you trust about the board so they can hold you accountable to your goals.

  1. Review your vision board daily

After you have created your financial vision board, take a moment to review it carefully.

You may be motivated to add other things, phrases and affirmations that align with your goals. Also, ensure that you review daily so that it is constantly at the top of your mind and would in turn spur you to work towards achieving your financial goals.