Financial discipline basically means that you get to have control over your money.

However, in order to keep your financial resolutions on track, there are a few things that must go into necessary consideration. These things are quite important because deciding to be financially disciplined is actually a very long distance apart from bringing it into reality.

1)      Be Realistic

Setting unrealistic goals can be likened to playing with fire because it makes you feel incapable of achieving anything. Before you know it, you find yourself in a reoccurring cycle of financial indiscipline. It is very important to set realistic goals when trying to curb excesses.

2)      Practice Frugal Spending

Mindful or frugal spending means that you take your time to consider whether you actually need some things. Before you purchase anything, you must necessarily ask yourself a few questions such as:

- Do I really need this?

- Will it make any significant change in my everyday life?

- Am I buying this to just satisfy an instant need? etc.

Answering the above questions would clarify to you whether or not you need to buy the item in question.

3)      Motivate Yourself to Save

Financial discipline is usually harder than its planning process, this is why you must constantly motivate yourself to save. You may read books to improve personal finance or use visual representations such as sticky notes to remind yourself of your financial resolutions.

4)      Reward Yourself

Oftentimes, when we save, it is not just to keep it locked in a place somewhere. There are also instances where you have to make plans to reward yourself without feeling guilty. This does not mean that you should fall heavily on your daily, weekly or monthly savings, your reward must maintain the ambit of your budget at all times.

5)      Never Give Up

There will always be setbacks on your journey towards financial discipline. However, it is important to try as much as possible not be so hard on yourself. Demotivation is one of the things that stays in the way of financial responsibility and you must be determined to focus on where you are headed and never let a minor setback cause you to derail.