More and more people are beginning to realize that the effectiveness of money transfer over banks is undeniable.

Factually, over 3 billion people worldwide have some sort of bank account, chances are that you are one of these people, but certain instances have proved that banks do not necessarily do a 100% job in instances of money transfer.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a money transfer service like Changera over banks:

  1. Cost Effective

There is no doubt that banks facilitate money transfers, but at the same time, they charge additional fees. Banks typically use the SWIFT system to communicate their transfer information, and this system comes with built-in fees. Many banks also charge a set fee per transaction, or a percentage of your amount.

  1. Time Effective

Making a transfer through a money transfer service app like the Changera app is quick and easy, and that is far from the only benefit.

Long bank hours could further cause a delay in your transfer process, because while most money transfer services operate 24/7, banks are limited by strict closing hours.

  1. Amazing Exchange Rate

Frequent market developments mean that the rates are constantly fluctuating, and it's not always the case that most organizations calculate their rates in the same way.

And often times, when you do money transfer through banks, the rate will most likely favor the bank and never you. The Changera app saves you from this hassle, as we offer amazing exchange rates that you can always trust.

The processes involved in money transfer could easily be overwhelming and one may want to default to a more safe and familiar option such as banks.

However, through money transfer services like Changera, you can be sure to enjoy a smooth process and swift transfer every single time.